Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Last Essay :(

Well, I would like to start off by saying that I enjoyed being in this class. It taught me a lot of thing I did not know. I learned to be a better writer and learned about the talents I have as a writer. I really enjoyed that I learned a lot about the environment; I did not know what was going on until my awesome teacher told me about it. I am thankful that I know now so I can inform myself what is happening to our world. I loved our discussions on the environment, it taught me a lot of thing I had no clue about before. For example "the oil spill" I had no idea that was happening, until our teacher brought it into our attention. Our teacher taught me I can have a voice even if I am only six-teen years old. I never knew I can vote on things. I never knew I had a voice to the higher people then me like our governor, or even president. It is something great to be able to vote at this age for things I want and would like to change about our environment or even about anything.

I also learned that I can write essays and not have trouble doing them. I love to write but I always just wrote about what is on my mind and happening that minute. It is harder for me to write an essay that I have to think through and about. I am glad I can do that now without a problem. I learned how to write an essay the proper way. It took a lot of paying attention to figure out things I did not know before about writing. I asked many questions to make sure I was doing it right. I was determined to learn how to proper write. I want to continue to write. I want to continue so I can get better at writing, so I can get prepared to write longer essays in college. I also liked that we got to speak on how we feel; we had a free mind on what to write on. I think it was fun to express ourselves. We got to talk about what we felt and thought about the topic. Not once did we get criticism on what we wrote. It was our own opinion on every topic.

School Uniform

I disagree on uniforms because, teachers thinks it will stop bullying which it won’t! No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgment upon their peers. The clothes are not the main cause of bullying and therefore the bullying will continue, regardless of dress codes. No matter what clothing rules apply, students will always find ways to pass judgment upon each other. It shouldn't matter if we look all alike, just to try and prevent things like fights, regardless it is going to happen. I think we should have freedom on what to wear. If we all dress alike then we act like we are trained to act like each other. The school wants us to all be a like and the same when we all want to express what we like and how we want to dress. We also want to be our own person and express ourselves. I want to be able to dress how I want with no one telling me I have to change. We should have at least that freedom to dress how we want.

The second reason why I think we should not wear uniforms is because, Uniforms are not cheap they expect us to have school uniforms for school. Then we also have to buy clothes for out of school. I think it would just be cheaper just to let us wear what we want. This is a good reason to be against school uniforms. We are constantly growing out of the uniform, and to have to buy them ever year is not cheap. We should spend money on things we want to wear not what we have to wear, because people tell us to wear a certain thing. The people that are for uniforms are probably the ones that can afford uniforms and regular cloths.

The third reason why I am against uniforms is because we shouldn't have to. I think we should not have to wear uniforms because; I would not want to look like everyone else. I want to be able to show what I like to wear. Clothing can tell you a lot about someone. Just by looking at a person’s clothing you can tell what kind of person they are. If we look all the same there is no point on trying to be your own person when, the school is trying to just make us look alike.

I know for a fact that if the school changes it to us wearing uniform that kids will make the worst of it. Many kids and teens are against the fact of us might having uniforms; they did not like the fact of it. Just because parents and schools want it, don't mean we want to. The school says it is our school, and then if it is our school why can't we make the decision if we want to wear uniforms. Let’s vote on if we should have uniforms are not. We should be able to make our own choices. They tell us students to act like adults, well then the school should treat us like adults and let us make our choices. We only get to be teens once let us act like we want, wear what we want to express the person we are or can be.

I really think the school, teachers, and parents, should realize it will make everything easier, not so expensive. They should let us express ourselves and have a voice if we want to wear uniforms or not. I know that we may not have a voice in many of the big decisions, give us a chance to be heard and listened to.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear: President Obama
The reason I am writing this letter to you is to talk about what is going on today in our nature and our world. I just want to explain and to tell you how I feel about what is going on. We are killing what we should love the most. People are just making our world worse. By our everyday life we are killing the Earth. We just make a lot of things worse than better, like Ymber Delecto said; “I am the earth. You are the earth. The Earth is dying. You and I are murderers.”

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves”. David Orr. This quote means something to me because it is the truth. When we fix what is going on in the Gulf, we will all feel better. We will feel better because we know that we changed what is going on. Also if all were doing is killing our earth then were also killing ourselves.

If we take care of earth and do everything we can to change our ways. Then our earth will make a lot of good things happen for us. It takes little things to change to make this world better. We can just help ourselves by just doing good things. “Take care of the earth and she will take care of you”. (Author Unknown)

“We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap”. ~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. This quote is so true we can waste money on dumb stuff that the earth does not need, but we won’t spend money on doing things that actually matter. We just want to be dumb ass people and not do anything to spend on our earth. We’re too selfish. We need to make some kind of change.

Our generation has to fight for what we want or else we won’t be heard by anyone. I hate that people don’t care what happens to our earth when some of us actually do care. It suck that we have to fight like Ansel Adams said “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment”.

We should look as everyday as making changes for the earth because, earth is not our it is human to and we should take care of it. “Every day is Earth Day”. (Author Unknown)

“The human race will be the cancer of the planet”. Julian Huxley this quote means that what we are doing to our earth and how we are killing it slowly, is like one of us having cancer. Cancer kills us slowly, and that’s what we are doing to earth.

“When the soil disappears, the soul disappears”. Ymber Delecto This quote means like when the soil in this earth is gone, that there is nothing else that can go wrong, or nothing we can do. That means that we will lose our souls because there is no hope to change anything or do anything.

I think that there is hope that we can change this planet if we all put in and help try and change everything that is wrong with our world. If people open there eyes and see we can change it, it will make a difference like Brooke Medicine Eagle said, “

There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of them, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet”.

Please Obama help my voice be heard. I want to try and change everything around. If you make sure the word gets out I know we can make a change. I know that even little things will change thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

From: Unique Silva

Friday, June 11, 2010


Well my name is the first thing that sets me from the crowd. I am the only Kristashia that I know of. My personality sets me from the crowd, because I am loud and funny. I always like to make people laugh. I am also a girl who likes to smile a lot when you see me I always try hiding my feelings and put a smile on. I hardly show my feeling. I like to play around and wrestle. I am a girl that has a lot of love and cares a lot about life and people. Being myself and outgoing sets me from the crowd.

The nicest thing I have done for someone is give them my everything. My love is something big for me to give to someone. I gave my love to a special person that I know I can trust. I gave him my love because I can trust him not to hurt me. I knew from the minute we meet he is what I wanted. I’ve fallen in love with him so much. I try and be the best girlfriend I can to him. I always want to make him happy and show him I care and be there for him when no one else is.

The greatest thing I have learned is that I don’t want to fit in with the crowd. Last year I had to learn my hardest lesson. Well all my friends were having sex and I was the only one that wanted to wait. I was with my same boyfriend I am still with for about 3 month. Then all my friends would laugh and say I was a scardy cat and I was a little virgin. It would make me mad because I was the only one they made fun of. After they had made fun of me for a whole month. I finally just said whatever and told my boyfriend if he wanted to have sex. Well we waited till my birthday and then even though I knew it wasn’t something I should be doing, I did it. I didn’t know how to tell anyone so for awhile I kept it to myself. I made my boyfriend promise not to tell anyone till I was ready. I didn’t know the consequences of what I had done.

Four months after my birthday I started gaining weight and my stomach started getting round. Five months after came and I could feel that I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive and I broke down and just cried. I knew at that minute my whole life was about to change. I was so scared of what everyone was going to say. I first had to tell my boyfriend. I told him and we both just cried together, it was something so unexpected. Well we told his mom first and she was disappointed in both of us. After we had to tell my parents and we knew that they would not take it well. When I told them they cried, they always said they wanted better for me. That same weekend they took me for an ultra sound we found out I was having a little boy. Everyone was so excited. My boyfriend and I started buying him everything he needed. We got so close to the baby and I started feeling him moving and kicking me. I started to already love him so much.

A month after we found out, my boyfriend’s mother called me and said the Dr. was trying to get a hold of me because there was something wrong with our baby. The next day we went into the Dr. Office and the Dr. explained my baby had a brain disease called “hydrocephalus”, that means that my baby had too much fluid in his brain. The Dr. also explained that my baby was too sick to survive. It hurt me, I couldn’t picture having to say bye to my first baby boy. I had my baby at 8 months which he did not survive. He passed away March, 18 2010. We named him after his dad Gabriel. It was the hardest thing to let go. Now there’s not one day I don’t think about him. My life is always going to be different I wonder a lot of things. Also now I am going to have to live with one bad decision I made for the rest of my life. It taught me a big lesson that I shouldn’t want to do anything just because everyone is.

My Manual ☺Banana Cream Pie☺

• My manual is to How to make a banana cream pie. I learned how to make this from my mom. Banana Cream Pie is one of the yummiest things on earth, it is so good. Well I’ll start with the ingredients.

• 3/4 cup white sugar

• 1/4 teaspoon salt

• 2 cups milk

• 3 egg yolks, beaten

• 2 tablespoons butter

• 1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract

• 1 (9 inch) pie crust, baked

• 4 bananas, sliced

Directions on how to make this delicious pie

1. In a saucepan, combine the sugar, flour, and salt. Add milk in gradually while stirring gently. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture is bubbly. Keep stirring and cook for about 2 more minutes, and then remove from the burner.

2. Stir a small quantity of the hot mixture into the beaten egg yolks, and immediately add egg yolk mixture to the rest of the hot mixture. Cook for 2 more minutes; remember to keep stirring. Remove the mixture from the stove, and add butter and vanilla. Stir until the whole thing has a smooth consistency.

3. Slice bananas into the cooled baked pastry shell. Top with pudding mixture.

4. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 12 to 15 minutes. Chill for an hour.

I loved eating this pie so much I use to make it every year for my mom on Mother’s Day. She would always be surprised and say it was good. I want to teach my kids how to make this. This is my favorite desert, the first time I tried it I loved it more than anything. It was hard for me to learn how to make it at first but now I know how to make it easy.


A little thing called love came into my life. Being with someone I love can be magical. Caring about him and our relationship is all that matters to me. Dangerously in love with a boy named “Gabe”. Excited every time I see him and he is around. Flirting with him is how are love began together. Gabe is now my only one true love. Having him by my side is all I need and want. I can’t imagine my life without him he is my everything. Just being around him I get butterflies in my stomach. Knowing him was the best thing that happened to my life. Love like ours was hard to find but I had faith in us. Meeting his family meant something special to me. Nothing or no one will ever get in between our love. Our relationship is something incredible. Promises were made between us. Questions remain unanswered in our relationship. Real love is what our love is called, me and you forever. Starring into each other’s eyes is what made us fall in love. The moon and stars were we stair when were not together. Us together is beyond amazing. Value of our love. Working through our problems is the answer for making everything better. Xavier is what was going to name our second son. Your love is all I need baby. Zazzy is the style of our love.

New Identity ♥New Me♥

If I can change my identity I would. My name would be Annalisa Garduno. I want to change my name to that because one day I heard that name and I loved it so much, I thought it was a beautiful name. I would be twenty-one years old so I don’t have to answer to anyone and I could party all I want. I would want to have to kids a boy and a girl. The girls name would be Ariah Alyina, my boy would be Xavier Gabriel. They would be twins and be one years old. I also would have a husband named Gabriel Garduno, he would also be twenty-one years old. He would be a pro basketball player for the Lakers and give me and my kids a chance to travel with him on some of his games. He would be a good husband and father.

I would want to move into a nice two story house with 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. I would have the master bedroom it would all be zebra designs because my favorite color is black and white. My boy’s room would be all Dallas Cowboys color. My girl would have a princess room is which would be pink and white. The extra room would be my husband’s weight room so he can have his own time. My house would have a nice backyard for my kids to play with a trampoline.

The state I’d move to is Dallas Texas. I only been to Texas a couple times and every time I went I feel more in love with it. It’s a wonderful place to be at. I would want to move there because no one would know me and I could do anything I wanted. I would go with myself and my kids to the, Aquarium, because I would like to see the water creatures. I’ve always wanted to go to six flags parks to ride all the big rides. In Dallas they have horses and I love horses. My horse would be all white. Named snowflake. I would purchase a horse to have when I want to just go riding.

I also would want to move there because I always said I want to go to college there and it has nicer colleges there. I want to be a Texas Longhorn. Texas is a peaceful place to live and has many things I and my kids can do. I also want to move to Texas because the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite football team, and I can watch them when I want. I would be a nurse as my full time job down there I would work at the Children Medical Center to help sick kids get better. I would be making 23 dollars an hour. I would make a lot of families happy by making their children better. I want to put smiles on kid’s faces, knowing I put a smile on their face I would know that my job was accomplished. I also want to help children so I know when my kids are sick what to do, what to give them, and how to help them get better.

My two side jobs would be a home school teacher for my kids and a bartender. I would want to be a home school teacher for my kids, because it would let me spend more time with my kids and show them that I want to be involved in their lives. I also would know if they know how certain things and what they struggle on. I would help them in whatever they need help in. I would home school my kids till they get into high school then let them go off and try and do it themselves. My other side job would be a bartender; I would want to be a bartender so I can make a little extra money for what I want. Also when I go to work I would be able to just have fun and not worry about anything. Going to work would be my free time a way and just be me. I’ve always said that I only would be bartender to have fun. That’s my new identity.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Once upon a time there was this girl named Unique, she was smart, young and pretty. She was so full of life and just knew what she wanted. Unique did not want to go to her old school anymore. She was getting in trouble and knew she was able to do better somewhere else. She begged her parents to let her go to this new school, called "Atrisco". Her parents at first said no but then Unique explained how much she would try. Unique's parents finally gave in and said "they want to meet with the head people of the school."

On Monday morning Unique and her father went to register at the new school. Unique was waiting in the waiting area, well she was waiting she noticed a boy staring at her. She looked back at him and smiled. The minute she saw him she thought, she had to have him. They kept looking at each other smiling and giggling. Then you hear the principal saying "bring back Unique and Gabriel." Well I wondered who this guy Gabriel was. We got into the room and as soon as I turned around to sit down I saw the boy who starred at me coming into the same room. Unique got so nervous, because she was going to be right across from him. The whole time that Unique and Gabriel were in the room they could not stop starring at one another. Her father pointed out that they were giving googly eyes at each other, which made her blush and turn red. Unique thought he was so fine and knew she wanted to know more about him. Well it was time to leave I got approved to go to Atrisco, so did Gabriel.

The principal, Mrs. Griego told us both we would start tomorrow which was a Thursday. Unique was so excited to start her new school. She knew she had to make a good impression. She got prepared for tomorrow. Thursday morning she was late on her first day to school. She could not find her classes. On the way up the stairs to find her class, she bumps into Gabriel. They both said "hi" and smiled. They went their own ways to class. Around noon it was lunch time, she walked out of class and there was Gabriel waiting for Unique, he walked her down the stairs, asked her a couple of questions like, "how is my first day going". They had a crush on each other well; they both had friends so went with their friends.

Unique kept giving Gabriel hints to ask her out, but he didn't get any of her hints. Unique did not want to wait for Gabriel to ask her out anymore. A boy asked Unique out and Unique said "yes", but she did not really like him all that much. The next day Gabriel seen Unique with her boyfriend. Then seen her by herself, went to go talk to her, asked her out. She broke up with her boyfriend for Gabriel. Then she told Gabe yes. They were together 10 months then they found out Unique was expecting a baby and it was a little boy. They had a new little family. Today Unique and Gabriel has been together 1 year and 10 months. They lived happily ever after.

Monday, June 7, 2010

25 Things to Accomplish in Life

1) Get good grades

2) Get my own car

3) Graduate high school

3) Move out of parents home

4) Graduate with an average of a gpa of 3.5

5) Go to college

6) Graduate from college

7) Start my career

8) Become my dream at being a nurse

9) Volunteer on helping with anything

10) Travel the world

11) Watch the Dallas Cowboys play

12) Become a dancer in a music video

13) Become famous for helping people

14) Fall in love

15) Get married

16) Go on a honey moon

17) Move to Texas

18) Buy my own house

19) Save money

20) Have 3 more kids

21) Be a good mother

22) Lose weight

23) Run a Marathon

24) Take my kids around the world.

25) Accomplish everything on this list

      I choose these things on my list because, they all are something I want to become or do in my lifetime. I have always wanted to do a lot of these things on my list since I was younger. When I accomplish all the thing on my list I know that I made everything I wanted to do into something I did do. I am never going to give up on anything I wrote because some of they are my dream. For example “becoming a nurse has been my dream job since I was 8 Years old”. I knew I wanted to become a nurse because I love helping people and doing good deeds. I know that some things on this list are going to be hard to do but I am willing to do and go throw the rough times as long in the end I am where I wanted to be, that is all that mattered. You always have to go through the dark in order to see the light.
     The things on my list are important to me because they have been my dream, my way to make my life better and accomplish what I was brought on this world to do. I know that I was brought on this world to do something and be something in this life. I want to be able to see the world and know that doing well and accomplishing these things will make me something in this world. I don't want to waste my life and just throw it away. I have a purpose in this world and it is to make a change, a difference in people also other things lives. I want to have a impact in things. By doing my things on the list I WILL succeed.

     I plan on accomplishing these things by going to school and saving my money as I am a teen so I have no excuses about money being a problem to go to college. I know I will have many people that will support me in what I want to do in life. I know what I want to do in my life and no one or nothing will stop me. I plan on doing everything I can to accomplish things on my list. Everyone of these things will impact me and others in some way. I plan on not trying to get help from others and try and do it on my own. If I need help I will get it, but only if I have to. I don’t want to depend on anyone or anything to get to where I want to be. I want support from my family and friends that is it. Knowing they believe in me will make me push harder for what I want that is my plan to become everything on this list.


     I liked watching the movie Avatar bacause it reminded me so much of our Earth.  We are killing our earth and some people don't even know it. The movie was made to tell a story about our Earth and how were desteroying it. We let people make profit off of oil and kill our Earth when all there doing is killing all of us.  I think that our earth should be something that all of us care about. We should want to take care of it.

      As special as the tree is to the Avatars thats how we should be about our earth. Their is going to be people that want to ruin our Earth for others and we just have to fight for what we know is right. If we don't fight and be mad about what is going on today with the oil and how it is ruining our earth, then we've lost hope. I am angry about what is happening to our Earth. Our earth is just giving us a place to live and it is like our second mother because it gives us everything we have on earth.
      Our animals are dying because we have dumb ass people in our earth, that al they worry about is themselves, getting profit, and money. They don't worry about what they are doing to our world. They should relize without everything in this earth our world will be nothing and just die. They say they can fix what they did but we all know they ruined everything.  I want everyone to see what I see and that is that we should do as much as we can to save our world. I want the people that made the oil all over are ocean to see what they did and realize that they killed and hurt so many of earth's living things.

     Our generation can change thing that the other generation messed up. Even though I am 16 I have a voice that I want everyone to listen  to and hear what I have to say. I want to save our planet if I talk to people about what is going on they will see what I see and want to help to. We are killing something that we should care about. Why are so many people heartless and just trying to hurt something that gave us life. I want my kids to grow up and see everything I saw when I was young. So many Animals are dying because these people are careless, what am I gonna have to show my kids when everything is dead. I realized what we are doing to our earth I just have to tell others to listen and be angry about what is going on!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

*My Scary Story*

     Once upon a girl named Unique was sitting in her room watchin tv, laying down around 9:00 at night. She was scared to be in the dark, her lilttle sister was already asleep and did not want to wake her. Well as she turned to fall asleep she seen a shawdow with a man standing there wit a long hat jus staring into her room.
      Unique got scared and woke her sister up because she did not want to be alone. Her sister got up saw the same shawdow and got really scared. Her little sister asked Unique if they can go tell their mother. Unique and sister got up and ran to their mothers room, they ran because they did not want the ghost to follow.They tried wake their mother up and their mother would not wake up. They both went back to their room and the ghost was still standing their stairing into the room at them, they knew they had to sleep in their room.
     They went to the bed and just layed their, scared and looking around. Unique started falling asleep but she felt that someone was staring at her ,she opened her eyes and the shadow of the man with the long hat was right next to her bed. She was horrified and hid under the covers until the mornin!! In the moring the sisters tried tellin their mother but did not believe them. The next night they did not see the ghost no more. Until one day Unique was home by herself and was laying in the living room wen she felt a cold breeze, she looked behind her and seen the same ghost with the long hat. She got scared and tried leaving but everywhere she was at he would be there! Finally her mom came home and Unique stayed with her mother the rest of the night!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Wonderful Life

     Life is presious to me because I have a lot to give in this world!! I love my life because I am a loving person and very helpful. I take life day by day because so many things have happen to me and I still stand strong and hold my head up high. I've taken life as a gift, because you never know when its your turn to pass. Im a very strong person because I had my baby pass away and im still trying to move on and do good in this world. I know I am strong because it is the hardest thing putting your own blood and first child in the ground, and saying goodbye.

      That is why I love life, I wanna become something big in this life and share my life story with the world so they can see that NO matter what you go through you can still move on. I wanna be a nurse and show everyone my love and help. I have so much love and care for people. I try and be friends and care about people as much as I can. You have to be able to see everything in a good point of view or else you'll never be happy. I've had many people help for me to be happy and ok.

      My love of my life which is my babies father, has been there for me when I am not okay or sad. He is my everything and means the world to me. He is everything I can ask for in a person. We have been together for 1 year and 9 months and that has been the BEST time in my life. It is okay for people to help you in this life and be helpful to others. I always want to help people and show them someone cares about them. Life has a lot to offer you jus got to make your life worth it!!


I am a girl thats fearfully and wonderfully made

I wonder who I am going to marry

I hear my heart beating faster

I see my boyfriend

I want to love and be loved

I am a girl thats fearfully and wondefully made

I pretend i am a princess

I Fell butterflies when he is near

I touch his lips with mines

I worry that he'll break my heart

I cry when me and my boyfriend fight

I am a girl thats fearfully and wonderfully made

I understand that no one is perfect

I say give as much love as u can

I dream we will be together forever

I try and do the best i can at everything

I hope I have a happy life

I am a girl thats fearfully and wonerfully made

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey my name is Unique
This is my first blog and I hope to meet alot of people! Im so excited to start blogging!!