Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Last Essay :(

Well, I would like to start off by saying that I enjoyed being in this class. It taught me a lot of thing I did not know. I learned to be a better writer and learned about the talents I have as a writer. I really enjoyed that I learned a lot about the environment; I did not know what was going on until my awesome teacher told me about it. I am thankful that I know now so I can inform myself what is happening to our world. I loved our discussions on the environment, it taught me a lot of thing I had no clue about before. For example "the oil spill" I had no idea that was happening, until our teacher brought it into our attention. Our teacher taught me I can have a voice even if I am only six-teen years old. I never knew I can vote on things. I never knew I had a voice to the higher people then me like our governor, or even president. It is something great to be able to vote at this age for things I want and would like to change about our environment or even about anything.

I also learned that I can write essays and not have trouble doing them. I love to write but I always just wrote about what is on my mind and happening that minute. It is harder for me to write an essay that I have to think through and about. I am glad I can do that now without a problem. I learned how to write an essay the proper way. It took a lot of paying attention to figure out things I did not know before about writing. I asked many questions to make sure I was doing it right. I was determined to learn how to proper write. I want to continue to write. I want to continue so I can get better at writing, so I can get prepared to write longer essays in college. I also liked that we got to speak on how we feel; we had a free mind on what to write on. I think it was fun to express ourselves. We got to talk about what we felt and thought about the topic. Not once did we get criticism on what we wrote. It was our own opinion on every topic.